ACL-204 Lockit Sync Box
The Ambient ACL204 Lockit box is a highly accurate portable synchronizer, an indispensable tool in modern workflows where multi camera shoots and dual system sound is the rule
ACL-204 Lockit Sync Box

Like its predecessors, it provides timecode with a deviation of less than +/- 0.1 ppm of a given reference and a sync signal locked to this. The Lockit timecode products can be calibrated to this reference in the field using the Clockit Controller ACC501, providing the same accuracy still after years, compensating the usual aging of the crystals, and opening possibilities which are unique to the Lockit approach. What counts on a set is that all recording devices run on the same speed, and with the Lockit method of being able to tune the devices, this goal can be achieved.

The reference for tuning may be a GPS signal, but just as well the timecode of the master recorder or camera or a video reference signal generated by the studio / OB-truck’s synchronizer. In addition to those classical features of the Lockit product range, the ACL204 features a wireless network module and a serial data port, so the status of each unit on set can be monitored and metadata of the connected devices can be communicated to the Ambient Lockit Network ACN Master. ACN also permits to sync the ACL204 remotely and write back metadata to the recorders.


Sound Devices MixPre-10 II
Sennheiser AVX-ME2
ACN-LS LockitSlate


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