Cine Power HD-30
Includes Cine Power Charger – Super Silver
The HD-30 block battery is specially tailored for the latest digital cameras and recording equipment. It is a powerful robust single battery block designed to provide 30Ah at low voltage only, or 15Ah with simultaneous low and high voltages available.
Cine Power HD-30

Designed for the demanding digital production equipment - 30Ah at 12V-14V or 15Ah at 12V-14V / 24V - 28V - Voltage and Current output meters - Fully sealed high energy battery cells

Non-hazardous, suitable for air transport without restrictions - High capacity battery designed for sustained heavy discharge - Unique automatic over-discharge protection to prolong battery life - Led Low battery Warning - Internal self-resetting electronic fuses - Tough, rugged design & construction to withstand rental environment use - No need to discharge your battery before charging - Safe to Fly


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