Red DSMC2 Gemini 5K S35
15.4 Megapixel Dual Sensitivity CMOS Sensor 30.72 mm x 18 mm (Diagonal: 35.61 mm) 96 fps at 5K Full Format (5120 × 2700) 75 fps at 5K Full Height 1.7:1 (5120 × 3000)
Red DSMC2 Gemini 5K S35

RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality—creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. GEMINI is RED's highest sensitivity sensor to date and offers significantly increased performance in low-light settings and improved performance in shadows. A DSMC2 BRAIN is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.


Arri Alexa Mini LF
Red Helium 8K
Arri Alexa Mini 4:3 RAW


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