Tiffen PV Black Pro-Mist Filters
Tiffen PV (4X5.65") Black Pro-Mist Filter Set 1/8,1/4,1/2,1
Tiffen PV Black Pro-Mist Filters

Offers all the benefits of the Pro-Mist filter in a more subtle form - Highlight flares are controlled - Contrast is lowered, but with less lightening of shadows for a more delicate effect - Creates a soft light "pastel" effect - Delicate effect with contained highlight flare - It is easy to see why the Black Pro-Mists have been such a success for over the past 30 or so years. Its unique layering of contrast combined with a gauzy paint like halation, function as a twist on the stand of the pro halation spill effect.

Even at its lowest density, it delivers an effective and increase in the halation which adds a pleasing depth of warmth, but is not transported to the skin tone values. These characteristics will become more apparent when you use densities of 1 quarter and above - In the heavier densities the spill is quite aggressive from the practical light, with the warm tone becoming more apparent. Yet the subtle but effective look still continues to make the pro mist filter a staple filter for many cinematographers in the digital world.


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