TLS Vega Lenses
Full Frame lens set consist of eight lenses - 20, 24, 35, 50, 58, 85, 105, 135mm
TLS’s latest development, Vega, is a new series of Full Frame cine prime lenses
TLS Vega Lenses

The Vega lenses, although sharp, have a beautiful smooth look with a tiny amount of fall off towards the corners. They also have a stunning bokeh as a result of their 16 blade circular iris and when wide open, can offer a very narrow depth of field.

These lenses are designed with floating elements so TLS have used their dual cam system to allow the optimum optical performance while still allowing some character. The housing is the same process as their renowned rehousing process. Therefore, there is a 300 degrees focus rotation and solid stainless steel stops on both focus and iris movement. These lenses have accurate and repeatable dual focus scales, available in both imperial and metric.

The PL mount is shimmable and the focus and iris gears are in the same position in relation to the PL mount throughout the range. This makes changing focal lengths on set a much smoother process.


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