Transvideo StarliteHD+
The StarliteHD+ 5" monitor has all StarliteHD V2 functionalities and much more. It provides an increased picture resolution, low latency, and an improved Peaking enhancing its many capabilities further and making it also an excellent choice for different oriented jobs such us focus pulling. The StarliteHD+ now accepts SDI 3G Level A and Level B
Transvideo StarliteHD+

Intuitive interface Smart corners for user assigned tools Zoom zone (tap to zoom and slide to move the zoomed picture) Rec zone Arri mode (only for StarliteHD5+ ARRI) Built-in tools PDF report VirtualHorizon AutoREC control Reverse mode, Viewfinder mode Anamorphic Desqueeze 1.3x, 2x, ... H&V Flip, Zoom switch, ...


Atomos Shogun 7
Flanders Scientific DM240
TVLogic F-7H 7"


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